Device Improves Safety & Ease of Portable Generator Use

GenerLink allows members to safely and conveniently connect a portable generator to their home in minutes.

Although Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative (GCEC) prides itself on providing reliable electric service, some events are out of our control, and the use of emergency generators by our consumer-members has become recurrent. While generators can be convenient and useful at these times, they also can be dangerous—even deadly—to their owners and utility workers.

The GenerLink is a UL-listed, meter-mounted portable generator transfer switch that allows the homeowner to properly connect to a portable generator without the risk of backfeeding onto our energized power lines while we have workers in the field. GenerLink detects when a generator is operating and

automatically disconnects from the utility grid, eliminating dangerous backfeed, which can electrocute utility workers.

When a portable generator is connected to the GenerLink, generator power will be connected to the home until the generator is shut off. Lights on the GenerLink indicate the status of the utility power. GenerLink is a low-cost alternative that allows the homeowner to have full access to their breaker panel during a power outage. It delivers generator power directly to your breaker box, eliminating the hassle of running power cords through your home.

GenerLink is installed in 20 minutes or less by utility personnel, does not require the member’s presence, and requires no rewiring of the member’s electrical system.

Once installed, you have the flexibility to run virtually any appliance—up to the capacity of your generator— by simply energizing appliances from the breaker panel. GenerLink requires a 240-volt four-pronged outlet on the generator. GCEC can provide a list of portable generators that are compatible.

Operating the GenerLink

Make sure to place your portable generator in a well-ventilated area near the GenerLink outside of your home. To safely connect portable generator power to your home:

  • Turn OFF all the circuit breakers in the breaker panel.
  • Connect the GenerLok cord to the GenerLink and to your generator.
  • Turn OFF the circuit breaker of the generator, then power on the portable generator by following the procedures stated in the generator’s owner’s manual.
  • Once the generator runs for 30 seconds, turn the circuit breaker on the generator to the ON position to deliver generator power to the GenerLink.
  • Turn ON only the essential breakers in your breaker panel. Make sure you do not exceed the maximum running wattage of your generator.

To safely reconnect utility power to your home:

  1. Turn OFF all the circuit breakers in your breaker panel.
  2. Shut off your portable generator.
  3. Turn ON all the circuit breakers in your breaker panel. There are two models of the GenerLink transfer switch.

GCEC offers both a 30-amp and 40-amp model:

  • MA23 (30-amp): This model of the GenerLink works with portable generators with a running wattage below 8,500 watts.
  • MA24 (40-amp): This model of the GenerLink works with portable generators with a running wattage below 10,000 watts.

Both models come with a GenerLok power cable. The GenerLok is a custom-made power cable that connects a portable generator to the GenerLink.

It is recommended to measure the distance between your portable generator and where the GenerLink will be installed to decide how long you need your GenerLok cord to be. It comes with a free 20-foot GenerLok cable, but you can upgrade to a longer length if you need it.

Call a GCEC office for more information.