October is National Co-op Month

GCEC is proud to be your trusted energy partner

We're all about you! Co-op members are the heart of everything we do.Unlike other utilities that are owned by investors and run for profit, Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative is driven by a set of principles we inherited.

The seeds of the Seven Cooperative Principles can be traced back to the first modern cooperatives founded in Rochdale, England, in 1844.

Voluntary & Open Membership

All who want to use our services and accept member responsibilities are welcome to join us.

Democratic Member Control

Our cooperative is governed by a board of directors, which is elected by members like you. This board works closely with John Bartley, our CEO/general manager, to ensure the cooperative runs for the mutual benefit of all members.

Members’ Economic Participation

All members share in the economic costs and benefits of GCEC’s business decisions and plans for the future.

Autonomy & Independence

Together, we control our own future—and if we join with any other organizations, we maintain our own democratic decision-making processes.

Education, Training & Information

We provide opportunities for education and training for employees and members. We strive to keep members informed about issues that are important to them and important to other electric cooperatives across the country.

Cooperation Among Cooperatives

We work together with other electric co-ops— across Florida and the nation—on shared interests and common goals.

Concern for Community

We strive to assist and care for the community in which we all live. We work to attract new jobs and employers to our service territory.

Through programs such as Project Helping Hand, we provide emergency assistance to members who are struggling to pay their utility bills.

The Seven Cooperative Principles are what separate us from other, for-profit utilities. They guide us daily in our mission to provide our members with reliable electric service and excellent customer care at affordable rates.