When I call Sunshine State-One-Call for a locate request, the customer service representative reads a list of member operators who will be notified. They also inform me that I must “notify all non-members directly.” How can I determine if a non-member exists in my proposed excavation area?

Many times, the utilities in a specific area will be listed on some sort of marking in the easement or right-of-way; simply comparing the listing of member operators given by the customer service representative to any markings posted in your proposed excavation area will, in most cases, be a safe way to acquire non-member contacts. However, your proposed excavation site may be away from any permanently marked right-of-way, you may need to contact a local city official to obtain more information of any utilities in your area. SSOC also requests that you report any non-member operators in your area to SSOC so that we may follow up with membership information for that non-member.