Report an Outage

If you experience an outage, please call our offices any time of the day or night using our toll-free or local numbers:

Customer Response Center

Linemen in bucket trucks working on a power pole, with tree debris below on the ground.The Customer Response Center (CRC) was created to provide after-hours answering and dispatch. CRC is a non-profit entity located in the headquarters of PowerSouth Energy Cooperative. CRC provides service throughout Alabama and Northwest Florida.

Interactive Voice Response System

CRC utilizes an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) for call handling. The system is capable of receiving up to 96 inbound calls simultaneously. The first call is sent to a “live” dispatcher(s), and subsequent calls are answered by the IVR, through personalized scripts and prompts. The IVR retrieves member information from a database, utilizing the member’s phone number. Therefore, it is very important that we have your correct phone number listed in our member records. Members are also given the opportunity to record information concerning their outage. Life support and prime power members are identified and are given the highest priority.

The IVR allows dispatchers to sort information by various criteria. For example, we have the ability to break each member down by substation feed, line section, reclosure number, and map number to accurately assess the outage area.

CRC communicates directly with Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative (GCEC) personnel to ensure we receive all logged outages. Our personnel also have the ability to log into the IVR to access and view all outage restoration efforts either from the office or home.

Training & Staff

The dispatchers that staff CRC are well-trained, efficient, and effective personnel. In addition, there are routine meetings between individual cooperative staff and CRC staff that work together to resolve any problems associated with the service, as well as to look for ways to better serve each cooperative’s member base. By pooling our efforts with other cooperatives, GCEC is able to offer a better service at a lower operating cost.

The service is provided from 4:30 p.m. until 7 a.m., Monday through Friday, and 24 hours on weekends and holidays for GCEC members. If an outage occurs during these time frames, call one of our toll-free outage reporting numbers: (800) 568-3667 or (800) 333-9392.