Development Loan Program - Application Process

Application Review

The following factors will be considered in the selection process:

  • Nature of the project
  • Job creation projections
  • Long-term improvements in economic development
  • Diversifying the rural economy or alleviating under-employment
  • Supplemental funds
  • Economic conditions and job creation
  • Unemployment rates
  • Per capita personal income
  • Change in population
  • Number of long-term jobs
  • Community-based economic development program
  • Plan for improving the marketable skills of people in rural areas
  • Location (rural)
  • Support for the program funds deposited in the cushion-of-credit account
  • Demonstration project
  • Probability of success
  • Special economic status

Other Considerations:

  • Environment requirements
  • Equal opportunity and nondiscrimination
  • Architectural Barriers Act of 1968
  • Flood hazard area precautions
  • Real property acquisition and relocation
  • Debarment and suspension
  • Drug-free workplace (grant only)
  • Restrictions on lobbying
Application Filing Procedures

Applications may be filed on any official workday at any Rural Development State Office. With the exception of applications to fund feasibility studies, a simultaneous filing must also be sent to the State single point of contact for State and local governments.

An “Application” must consist of:

  • Standard For 424: “Application for Federal Assistance”
  • Board Resolution (Refer to 7 CFR 1703.34 [2])
  • Miscellaneous Federal forms and certifications
Narrative discussion of the following:
  • “Selection Factors” as set forth in 1703.35
  • “Project Description” as set forth in 1703.36
  • Except for applications for feasibility studies, a discussion regarding the “environment impact of the proposed project”