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Outdoor Lighting

street light lit up at nightOutdoor lighting can lengthen your day and allow you to take full advantage of your home’s outdoor living space. Outdoor lighting can help youfind your keys and get you into your home without fumbling or stumbling. For your convenience, the monthly service and maintenance charge will be automatically billed through your Gulf Coast Electric Utility (GCEC) utility bill.

Our Options

There are two options in GCEC’s Outdoor Lighting program.

  1. The first option is to order luminaires and poles from GCEC. GCEC will install the streetlights for a fee, and the lighting system is owned by the member. The member will pay GCEC a monthly maintenance fee for each light. Burned-out lamps and photocells will be replaced at no additional charge. If luminaires or poles become inoperable, dysfunctional, or damaged, GCEC will repair the luminaires or poles on an “at cost” basis to the member.
  2. The second option is to purchase luminaires and poles from another source and have someone other than GCEC install them. Lighting units shall be controlled by an approved GCEC photocell to energize the unit from dusk until dawn. The lights must have a GCEC-approved disconnect switch at each light unless the lights are wired in series with an electric meter supplying power to the lights. The member will pay all costs associated with the installation of the lights by GCEC. The member may also incur a service charge for the disconnect and connect of lights per the member’s request for servicing. The monthly fee charged to the member for the lighting unit will be based on the wattage of the streetlight.

Streetlight locations are always specified by GCEC.

Monthly Rates

Type KWH Existing Pole New Pole
100 Watt Outdoor Light 50 $10 $11
200/250 Watt Outdoor Light 120 $14 $15
400 Watt Outdoor Light 195 $21 $22