Surge Protection Program

When lightning strikes near your home, there’s a good chance your electrical system will be jolted from a power surge that can destroy or damage your sensitive electronics and appliances. While lightning is often the cause of power surges, other factors such as tree limbs, construction work, demand fluctuations in your home, auto accidents, wildlife, and even disturbances transmitted through telephone and cable lines can have the same effect.

At Gulf Coast, supplying you with reliable and uninterrupted electric power is always our top priority. We build lightning protection into our distribution grid, but this primarily protects the overall grid. Therefore, we have developed a surge protection program that is designed to help you, the member, to help you be prepared for unexpected surges to protect your appliances and electronics.

Our surge protection program has been researched and offers you quality protection. The key to top-quality protection is multiple stages of internal protection that virtually block all damaging blips and spikes to your equipment.

Stages of Surge Suppression

Gulf Coast offers two different stages of surge suppression to our residential customers:

  1. One is that you pay a one-time installation fee of $60 and $5 a month for the basic service. The basic service includes a meter socket adapter that is installed by a trained line technician at your home behind the electric meter and a plug-in suppressor. This device will take the brunt of any surge that may come in on the electric side of your home. Should the meter base arrester become damaged, we will replace it for free. The meter socket adapter protects the appliances you depend on every day, including your hard-wired appliances such as the refrigerator, washer and dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, range, water heater, and HVAC unit.
  2. Electronic devices must be protected with secondary surge protection. Gulf Coast carries a wide array of these secondary devices that are used to protect equipment such as computers, modems, televisions, digital satellites, and other equipment that uses microprocessors. Please speak with a marketing representative today concerning pricing.
Surge Protection Form (PDF)

Free Audits

Lastly, Gulf Coast performs surge audits for free. We will put together a surge suppression pack that will protect your home and electronics for just a few cents a day. From surge suppression at your meter, to individual item protection, we can safely protect your electronics with our affordable program. Contact our marketing department at (800) 568-3667 or submit your inquiry using our contact us form to learn more about our value-added program.