GCEC Strengthens Economy

Cooperative provides donations, jobs, and tax dollars to the community

Staying true to its cooperative mission, Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative promotes the general welfare of the communities it serves by acting as an economic stimulator.

The cooperative provides quality jobs and makes charitable donations. Although it is a not-for-profit corporation under state law, GCEC still pays its fair share of taxes. These benefit the economy and strengthen the community.

GCEC recently paid property taxes to each of the six counties within its service territory. A total of $891,019.41 in property taxes was paid to Bay ($430,625.86), Calhoun ($93,811.67), Gulf ($250,337.97), Jackson ($1,702.68), Walton ($2,551.04) and Washington ($111,990.19) counties.

“Cooperatives are committed to the communities they serve,” says GCEC CEO/ General Manager John Bartley. “Giving back to our communities is an important part of our organization. We are proud to make a difference and to be a good corporate citizen.”