Have an EV? Get This Rebate!

Here is some exciting news for residential members who drive fully electric, battery-powered vehicles: You may qualify for a $100 electric vehicle rebate from Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative.

Applying for your rebate is easy on our website.

By registering your vehicle, you will help GCEC better understand how members use power. This information will guide planning for our power delivery system and additional EV programs and rebates that could benefit you.

While on the webpage, check out helpful information about the benefits of driving electric—from home and public charging to offers and incentives, such as tax credits.

EV ownership continues to grow. The U.S. Department of Energy reported more than 58,000 registered EVs on Florida roads at the end of 2020.

With interest growing and EVs here to stay, drivers need convenient access to charging stations. That will be a growing piece of infrastructure nationwide and for your cooperative.

As part of a national plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will result in the largest investment ever in EV charging infrastructure. Funding will boost the build-out of 500,000 public charging stations by 2030. These stations—equipped with similar plug types, hardware hookups and payment options—will help fill gaps in rural locations.

Auto manufacturers are ramping up production of more attractive and affordable EVs to keep pace with demand. This competition drives down vehicle prices and gives consumers more choices than ever—including compact cars, SUVs and even electric pickup trucks from Ford, Chevy and other manufacturers.

Many drivers enjoy the quiet, smooth ride and stronger acceleration they get with an EV. Most like the convenience of controlling the vehicle’s features from an app on their phones.

With no tailpipe emissions, EVs contribute to a clean, sustainable energy future. GCEC is dedicated to clean air and continues to add power generated from zero-emission renewable sources to its energy mix.

Automakers’ shift toward increased EV production and the expansion of charging infrastructure also may help create good-paying jobs and benefit the local economy.

Whether you already are behind the wheel of an EV or considering one for your future ride, GCEC is here with a roadmap of resources to help. For more information, visit our page on Electric Vehicles or call (850) 265-3631.

EV owners: Remember to apply for your $100 rebate on our website. Complete the online form and receive your rebate via a mailed check.