Join the Surge Protection Program Today

Grain piece of mind from the Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative for only a few dollar a month

Power surges can come from many sources, including lightning, tree limbs and even small animals on GCEC’s lines and equipment. Surges can also come from within your home when major appliances, such as your air conditioner or clothes dryer, cycle on and off.

We recommend a meter-base surge protector to help stop damaging power spikes. A GCEC surge suppressor installed on the base of your electric meter offers our best protection for your motor-driven appliances.

Installation is $60, and the lease is $5 a month with a 36-month contract. The lease includes both the meter-base arrestor and an eight-outlet multi- media power strip. Additional plug- in suppressors are available.

Complete an online form by visiting our Surge Protection page. Call (800) 568-3667 to learn more