No. 1 New Year’s Resolution: Save Energy

Many people view the new year as an opportunity to set and achieve goals. This year, set aside typical resolutions and focus on saving energy with these tips.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Ring in 2023 by Saving EnergyNot only does a programmable thermostat save you upwards of 10% annually on your cooling and heating costs, but it gives you one less thing to think about at the end of the day. Set it to your schedule and avoid having to adjust the temperature when you leave or go to bed.

Look for the Energy Star Label

Your appliances and electronics account for nearly 20% of your electric bill. When it’s time to replace a product, look for Energy Star-certified items. In its lifetime, an Energy Star appliance could save you nearly $750 in energy costs.

Use Energy-Saving Lightbulbs

If you were to replace just 5 of the most used lightbulbs in your home with Energy Star bulbs, you could save up to $75 a year on your electric bill.

Cut Down on Water Heating

Water heating is a huge chunk of your electric bill. Consider setting your water heater no higher than 120 degrees and installing low-flow showerheads to cut down on water heating costs.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Having a certified technician service your air conditioner annually will keep it working efficiently. Replacing air filters once a month is vital in ensuring your air conditioner works properly. Happy New Year from Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative (GCEC), and best of luck with whichever resolutions make your list. If energy savings makes the cut, visit our GCEC website for more tips and tools to help you save.