Presentations Teach Electrical Safety

Supervisor of Service Jeremy Miles replicates what happens when a ladder touches an energized power line using GCEC’s live line safety demonstration trailer.

Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative took its live line safety demonstration trailer to Bay Haven Charter Academy’s summer camp and Career and Community Day at Stone Mill Creek Fire Department hosted by Gulf County Corrections.

The trailer—which Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative employees built—features working electrical equipment.

The presentation begins with an overview of the safety equipment lineworkers must wear. Lineworkers then demonstrate what happens when vegetation, squirrels, balloons, kite strings, a ladder, a fire hose and a rubber boot come into contact with an energized line.

An energized car door offers a powerful lesson on why you do not walk up and attempt to help someone in a car that is in contact with power lines. Lineworkers demonstrate how to hop away from a car in contact with power lines if you absolutely must exit the vehicle—something only recommended if the vehicle catches on fire.

The demonstration is available for local schools, fire departments, civic groups and other organizations. If you are interested in booking the trailer, contact Kristin Douglas at (850) 265-3631, ext. 3002, or email Kristin.