President’s Message – November 2022

Never Too Old for a Night Light

Jimmy Black headshotThere’s something comforting about a light in the darkness. It welcomes guests and can add hours of outdoor fun or work time to an earlier sunset. I’m always thankful for night lights when we go through seasonal time changes, and we need some extra light in the earlier nighttime or longer morning darkness.

Outdoor lighting from Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative can enhance your home’s nighttime curb appeal any time of year. If strategically placed, it can highlight home improvements or landscaping projects you’ve worked to complete. It’s amazing how one outdoor light can make your home even more inviting to guests.

Perhaps you need extra light to take care of those never-ending yard chores after the sun sets, or you want to enjoy more family fun outside in the evening. Outdoor lighting gives you more time for stories and laughter on the patio. Even teens can enjoy it, as they play another round of basketball before heading in to do homework.

Outdoor lights allow you and others to see more clearly and move more safely. You will be better able to tell if someone or something is moving around in the illuminated area.

Here at Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative, we seldom promote outdoor lighting—likely because we often take it for granted. Yet, it’s one of the most cost-effective additions to add value to our homes and businesses. We know cost and convenience are important to you. We install the outdoor lighting for you, and you pay a monthly fee added to your power bill. For pennies a day, you can brighten your surroundings.

Check out the cost, as well as available options, by visiting our website.

Even though you often hear us talk about how electricity demand impacts the cost of wholesale power, outdoor lighting operates at night, when electricity demand is typically at its lowest. That means we can keep the light on for you at a low cost.

We’re never too old for a night light. Ours just happen to be bigger than what someone’s mom lovingly plugged into an outlet. Outdoor lighting also offers some comfort, which most of us could probably use right now. It’s one more way we’re always here for you.