Right-of-Way Trimming for Safety and Reliability

Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative (GCEC) is currently clearing rights-of-way in the Fountain area.

GCEC has about 2,600 miles of distribution line. If vegetation makes contact with power lines, it can interfere with your electric service and cause a dangerous situation. Vegetation must be cleared from power lines to provide reliable electric service and prevent a hazardous condition.

When a person signs up to be a cooperative member, there is an agreement between the member and GCEC to allow right-of-way maintenance. The agreement gives GCEC the legal right to remove from the right-of-way anything that could interfere with safe, reliable electric service for all members.

The co-op realizes most people regard trees as an asset, but if the cooperative’s right-of-way clearance is not maintained, tree limbs and other growth contacting power lines could increase the number of power outages.

GCEC tries to work with landowners to preserve landscaping when maintaining rights-of-way. However, federal law requires GCEC to eliminate hazardous conditions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as GCEC works to bring you quality, reliable service.