H2O Plus Program

H2O Plus logoGulf Coast Electric Cooperative is excited to announce a new program available to you. The H2O Plus program has the capability to make a huge impact on reducing the demand for electricity. We just need your participation!

Doing the right thing by using energy wisely has never been easier. A device is simply installed on your electric water heater that allows our power supplier to cycle your unit for short periods of time. By managing energy use when demand is high – when you and your neighbors are using the most electricity – our supplier can reduce demand at times when electricity is most expensive, putting off the need to build facilities to generate more power, alleviating or pushing those costs out to the future. An added benefit is reducing the amount of greenhouse gases, and therefore helping our environment. You’ll still have enough hot water to handle showers and household chores. In fact, you shouldn’t even notice a difference in the amount of hot water available to you.

For more information on the program, please call (850) 265-3631 and ask for our Energy Services Representative, Manuela Heyn. Manuela will take down all of your information and, upon ensuring that the program is a good fit for your household, schedule an installer to come to your home and install the device – at no cost to you. In fact, for your participation, we will credit $25 to your electric bill!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

H2O Plus Program FAQ

What is the H2O Plus program?

H2O Plus is an innovative program that puts technology to work to save energy. Cycling the water heaters of participating members throughout our service territory helps reduce the demand for electricity during hours of peak energy usage.

What are the benefits of H2O Plus?

By managing energy usage when demand is high (when you and your neighbors are using the most electricity), our supplier can reduce demand during those times when energy is most expensive. This can also result in a reduction of greenhouse gases, which will have a positive impact on our environment.

So will I see a savings on my power bill if I participate?

The impact per consumer is small, so you really won’t notice a difference on your power bill. But with thousands of people enrolled across the region, H2O Plus can help us avoid purchasing power during those times when it's most expensive.

How does the program work?

Our power supplier sends a signal to a device connected to your water heater. This signal instructs the device to cycle your unit, powering down the heating elements for a short period of time (usually between two and four hours) and bringing them back up in time to ensure you have adequate hot water to complete your typical household chores.

Will I run out of hot water?

You should have plenty of hot water in your tank to handle your showers, chores, and other household tasks. You should notice no difference in the amount of hot water available to you after enrolling in the H2O Plus program.

Will I have to buy a new water heater to participate?

Chances are, your existing water heater can be retrofitted with our cycling device. When you sign up for the H2O Plus program, we’ll send a certified electrician to your home, at no cost to you, to install the device on your water heater.

How often will you cycle my water heater?

The H2O Plus program helps reduce the effects of high demand on our generation system, so we will normally cycle your water heater during hours of peak power usage when demand is at its highest (and when electricity is most expensive). Typically, our peaks occur between 5 and 8 a.m.

So how do I participate in H2O Plus?

Participation is simple. Call GCEC, and we’ll walk you through the steps to enroll in H2O Plus. It will cost you absolutely nothing to participate. In fact, we will credit $25 to your bill for your participation!