Touchstone Energy Home

With a high priority on energy efficiency, Gulf Coast Electric Cooperative seeks to recognize customers who strive to make their homes more efficient. The newly developed Touchstone Energy® Home program is an upgrade from its predecessor the Good Cents home. The Good Cents home served its purpose in educating customers about the need for energy efficiency. With the breakthrough of many new efficiencies in technology, as well as building techniques, the Touchstone Energy® Home ensures that the customer has the best energy-efficient home that will offer benefits for years to come.

The Touchstone Energy® Home is a tangible product that allows customers to see one of the values of being part of the Touchstone Energy® family.


  • Lower utility bills – As a result of higher construction standards and energy-efficient materials, customers can expect to pay considerably less on their home utility bill.
  • Increased comfort – Drafts and temperature gradients that normally plague homes are virtually eliminated with the construction techniques used.
  • Higher resale value – Better constructed homes typically hold their value and are worth more in the resale marketplace.
  • Energy efficiency mortgages – According to the National Association of Realtors, lenders are now looking closely at the projected utility costs for a home in determining whether a prospective homeowner can afford both the monthly mortgage and utility payments.

By meeting the standards, anyone who is building a new home or improving an existing one can have a certified Touchstone Energy® Home.


  • R—16 wall insulation minimum
  • R—38 attic insulation minimum
  • Attic ventilation
  • R—19 floor insulation
  • Double-pane windows or single-pane
    with storm windows
  • Metal insulated doors
  • Infiltration control to help prevent air from leaking into the home
  • Electric heat pump
  • Electric water heater
  • Exhaust system in kitchen and baths
  • Interior vapor seal or exterior house wrap
  • Ducts located in the conditioned space

For additional information concerning the Touchstone Energy® Home program, please contact our office at (800) 568-3667 or submit our contact us form to email a marketing representative.